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Baxter Church Among Youngest in Area
♦  A neighborhood Bible study group organized in Baxter and affiliated with the Evangelical Free Church of America in 1965. With a nucleus of only three families, the foundations were laid under the leadership of the Rev. Lyle Vanderpoel and Richard Selin, presently a missionary in the Congo.

photo: church
First Service in 1870
♦  St. Paul's Has Long History St. Paul's Episcopal church had its beginning in 1870, when Dr. S. W. Thayer conducted the first religious service in the new settlement of Brainerd.

photo: church
Catholics Mark 100 Years
♦  St. Francis of Assisi Catholic church was established in October of 1871 by the Rev. Francis Joseph Buh, a young Austrian priest who had come to assist the Rev. Francis Pierz in the missionary territory of central Minnesota.

Baptists Organize In 1872
♦  The First Baptist church of Brainerd was organized on Sept. 8,1872, under the leadership of the Rev. G. W. Huntley. The building was constructed on property given by the Puget Sound Land Co.

Pentecostal Church Began Here in 1966
♦  The Brainerd United Pentecostal church, located at 219 Florence, is in fellowship with the United Pentecostal Church of Hazelwood, Mo. Its origin in Brainerd dates back to October, 1966.

Presbyterians In 82nd Year
♦  The First Presbyterian church of Brainerd will have completed its 82nd year in this community on June 14, 1971. The church grew out of a Sunday School which had been started by a missionary sent out by the Board of National Missions of the Presbyterian church in February of 1888.

Fourth Avenue Church Numbers Twenty Members
♦  The Church of Christ had its beginning in Brainerd in October of 1968. For the first two months, services were held in homes or some rented public building. In December of that year, the group purchased the Zimmerman apartment and store building at 302 Fourth Avenue N. E.

photo: church
Salvation Army Came to Brainerd in April, 17 1891
♦  The Salvation Army was founded in London, England, in 1865 by William Booth. Today, The Salvation Army is an international organization, operating in 86 countries and colonies established in the United States in 1880, as a religious and charitable organization.

Church of Christ 16 Years Old
♦  On June 8, 1955, an organizational meeting was held to set up the Church of Christ in Brainerd.

photo: church
Congregational Church One of City's Oldest
♦  The First Congregational church is one of the pioneer churches in Brainerd, dating its organization from Aug. 13, 1872. The first house of worship, a gift to the congregation by Gov. J. Gregory Smith, president of the Nort

photo: church
Assembly Started In Tent
♦  It was in the summer of 1921 that the Rev. Frank Lindquist and the Rev. James Menzie came to the area from McKeesport, Pa., to hold tent meetings in the city of Brainerd. Interest in the community was good, so it was decided to secure a building for worship purposes.

St. Andrew's Met Need of 2nd Parish
♦  "The Lord's dwelling is well founded on a firm rock" -- words spoken by the Most Rev. Francis J. Schenk, Bishop of Duluth, as he blessed the outer walls of St. Andrew's church, Aug. 29, 1965, as the new Catholic church in Brainerd was being dedicated.

Faith Baptist Church Began As Mill Mission
♦  On March 3, 1883, the trustees of the First Baptist church were authorized to purchase

photo: church
Bethlehem Church Is Pioneer
♦  Bethlehem Lutheran church of Brainerd dates almost as far back as the founding of Brainerd, itself. It was first organized in 1879 as part of the Hauge Synod. On May 17, 1884, Articles of Incorporation were filed as Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran church. Down through the years, its name has been changed to Bethlehem Norwegian Lutheran church, in 1945 to Bethlehem English Lutheran church, and in 1956, to Bethlehem Lutheran church.

Bethany Covenant Was a Mission
♦  The Swedish Christian Mission church was organized on Aug. 25, 1888, with 13 members signing the charter under the first constitution an

photo: church
Temple Grew From Early Church Here
♦  Temple Baptist church on 10th and Oak Streets was originally called, "First Swedish Baptist Church of Brainerd," and was organized Aug. 20, 1882.

photo: church
First Lutheran Dates to 1882
♦  The Swedish Evangelical Clara Lutheran church was officially organized on May 8, 1882, in a school house on

St. Peter's Lutheran Was a Finnish Church
♦  St. Peter's Lutheran church, among the oldest congregations in Brainerd was formerly known as the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran National Congregation of Brainerd.

Christian Scientists Here, 1902
♦  The first Christian Science service in Brainerd was held in a rented hall in the Columbus Block in the spring of 1902 under the auspices of a group of students interested in the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy. A Sunday School was also established at that time.

photo: church
Six Voting Members in Initial Zion Lutheran
♦  Although there had been some missionary work in the Crow Wing area prior to 1871, the first missionary of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod was the Rev. H. Glaess who established a preaching station in 1882.

Adventist Church Has Long History
♦  For several years prior to 1895 a group of pioneers living in the old settlement of Crow Wing began meeting regularly once a week for worship in the

photo: church
Trinity's History Is Norwegian-Danish
♦  Trinity Lutheran church, 1420 South Sixth Street, Brainerd, traces its beginnings to the fall of 1885 when Bishop K. K. Bjorge of the Norwegian Synod, who served a parish in Lake Park, came to this area to conduct services occasionally for Norwegian settlers in Brainerd and Long Lake township.

photo: church
EUB Church Methodist, Are United
♦  The Evangelical United Methodist church, located on the corner of C Street and Fourth Avenue N. E., traces its beginnings to 1880, when the Rev. F. C. Schmidt, pastor of the Evangelical church in St. Cloud, came here to conduct preaching services.

Lutheran Synod Organized Here Two Years Ago
♦  The Minnesota Natural Gas company meeting room served as the place of the first worship service conducted by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod in Brainerd. Vicar John C. Ibisch of the St. Cloud Mission conducted the first service on June 1, 1969.

Methodists Met Here as Early as the Year 1870
♦  Brainerd area Methodists began meeting together in 1870, during the time a pioneer missionary named James Gurley was traveling through the Northern Pacific route territory. Because of his widespread travels, which covered a large portion of the north-central part of Minnesota from Wisconsin to North Dakota, he was unable to establish firm organizations in each community. But because he saw that "The Crossing" would become a place of importance in the future to necessitate the establishment of a Methodist church he was prompted to gather $500 among Methodist friends in St. Paul and Minneapolis with which to build a chapel in Brainerd. However, before he could effect the organization of a congregation, he moved on to other fields leaving the $500 "building fund" behind.

photo: church
Nazarene Church Holds First Service in Tent
♦  The First Church of the Nazarene of Brainerd came into being as an organized church on Sept. 11, 1938, in a tent pitched at the corner of North Sixth and Kingwood Streets.

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