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Friday, March 5, 2004

Centennial Recalls big News Stories of city's 100 Years
Alderman Recalls Many Changes From Credit to Cash, Front Sand Streets to Pavement
Scandinavians Not In Majority at First
Choice of Crossing from Three Sites Meant Birth to Brainerd, Death to Crow Wing
Brainerd of 70s Called 'Roaring Camp of Vice'
Brainerd Had Ups and Downs
Early Show Was Big HIt
Early Social Life Had Variety
Crow Wing Was Most Important in Central Minnesota
Brainerd 1888 "Growing Town at Edge of Forest"
First Dwelling Had Round Logs
Early Convenience

Brainerd owes its existence to Northern Pacific Railroad
Railroad Strike in 1922 Split Brainerd at Seams
Hubert Railway Station Busy

Lumbermen Attacked Heavy Forests in Brainerd Area

County Dates to 1857
Iron Ore Pushed Development of County
Nisswa Historical Notes Reveal Rick Village Background

Death March Struck at Heart of City

Paper Mill Began in 1898

Tower Built, 1919-22

Lake Farm Became Resort as Mrs. Ruttger Began Feeding Fishermen
Trains Brought Visitors To Resorts in Early Days
Grand View Result Of Lake Promotion
Lake Livery Service Started Stewart Mills in Business
Camp Lincoln Dates to 1908
Bar Harbor--Lake Fun Spot Erv Anderson's Dream
Walleyes were plentiful
Minnewawa Was Creation Of Shakespearean Actor
Resort at Rocky Point Started with Tents
Whitefish Mail Carried 39 Years in Ben Knebel's Boat
Boat Livery Was Gull's 1st Vacation Enterprise
Pelican Resorts Active Before Fawcett Came
Maddens Bring Pine Beach to the Front

Chief Hole-In-The-Day
Indians Brought Blueberries As Brainerd Feared Massacre
Indians Were First Farmers

Brainerd Education, 1871-1971
Bricks Replace Handhewn Logs
"Cyclone--11" Appeared in 1911 Here
People Voted To Establish High School
Jr. High Education Inaugurated in 1935
Only Dozen In College At Opening
Two Expansions Mark Vocational School Story
Catholic Education in Brainerd Began in 1885

Warrior Gridders Perfect Only in '38 Since 1925
Golf Stock Issued Here in '22
Whitey Skoog Greatest Of All Brainerd Cagers
Raiders' Big Basketball Moment in 1949
Warrior Fives 1-2-3-4-5 in State Meets
Games, Sports Popular Even In Early Days
Donnybrooke Speedway
Dispatch Helps Golden Gloves
Stamp State Mat Champion
Indoor Track, Cross Country Building Spring Sport Here
LaGuyal Lanes lifted pin scores here
Brainerd's Bender, Bush No-Hit Cleveland for Philadelphia A's
Bender, Score Ranked 6th, 7th All-Time
Score, Coleman spring to Majors
Nick Wasnie's Slap Shot Of '30's Still Remembered
Amateur Hockey Resumes Here; Lost Grasp in 3O's

Horse Power to Engine Power Was Big Shift

Well-Planned Crime-- Five Gunmen Robbed Bank in 1933
Two Banks Are Pioneer Institutions

St. Joseph's Here, 1890
Rapid Growth at State Hospital
Camp in Area For Retarded
Nursing Home In Brainerd Dates to 1945
Dr. Thayer Was First Physician

Early Policemen

Many of City's Hotels Destroyed by Fire
1st Firemen Paid Dollar To Belong The Brainerd Fire department

Liveries Rented Buggies Sunday Drive in 1910
Horses Play Role in History

Papers in Early Years Had Turbulent Times
Bang Printing descended from 1899 newspaper

Gregory Square Was Pine Forest City Won Ownership in Court Fight
Lum Park Scenes of Yore

Brainerd's First YMCA Was Constructed in 1882
Bequest Funded Historical Society
Jaycees Founded In 1936
Legion Post Has 52-Year History
VFW Named After Two Killed in World War 1
Elks Lodge Started in Brainerd with 65 Men
Kiwanis Club Is Chartered Oct. 18, 1954
The Exchange Club Has 23-Year History
Lions Club Is Marking 50th Year
Rotary Club Began As Group of 16 Members
Zonta Club Is an Organization for Civic Service by Women
K of C Chapter Founded Here in 1910
Masons Started Year After City Founded
First Odd Fellows Lodge Opened in 1882
Eagles Chartered On Nov. 27, 1902
Brainerd Moose Lodge Marking 58th Year
Disabled American Veterans Had 33 Charter Members
Mons Malilum First Headed Sons of Norway
AAUW Organized Here
Chamber Exists Many Years by Various Names
Flower Society "Early Bloomer"
South East Club Began In 1911
County 4-H Clubs Trace History Back to 1919

Walter Wieland Founder of Brainerd Airport
Wright Brothers Model G Plane Flew Over Area

Business District Started Near River and Spread Eastward.
Row of Stores On Front Street
History of Telephone Goes Back 90 Years
Unions Have Been Vital Force Here
Ryan Law Firm Now Oldest In Brainerd
Brainerd Industries
Industrial Park Is 'New Look'
Mining Used to Be Area Mainstay
Foundry Started in 1872
First City Business Probably Eating Place

Bands Played by 1882
Excellent Music Featured Through Brainerd History
Drum-Bugle Corps Adds City Spirit
Baxter Church Among Youngest in Area
First Service in 1870
Catholics Mark 100 Years
Baptists Organize In 1872
Pentecostal Church Began Here in 1966
Presbyterians In 82nd Year
Fourth Avenue Church Numbers Twenty Members
Salvation Army Came to Brainerd in April, 17 1891
Church of Christ 16 Years Old
Congregational Church One of City's Oldest
Assembly Started In Tent
St. Andrew's Met Need of 2nd Parish
Faith Baptist Church Began As Mill Mission
Bethlehem Church Is Pioneer
Bethany Covenant Was a Mission
Temple Grew From Early Church Here
First Lutheran Dates to 1882
St. Peter's Lutheran Was a Finnish Church
Christian Scientists Here, 1902
Six Voting Members in Initial Zion Lutheran
Adventist Church Has Long History
Trinity's History Is Norwegian-Danish
EUB Church Methodist, Are United
Lutheran Synod Organized Here Two Years Ago
Methodists Met Here as Early as the Year 1870
Nazarene Church Holds First Service in Tent

1st Council Passed Law On Liquor
L. P. White Culled Father of Brainerd
Courthouse Authorized In 1872
Crow Wing County Notables of 1890's
Memories of An Earlier Era Here
Pavement Came in 2nd Half of City's History
Trouble Plagued Water and Light

Extension Work Began in 1914
FHA Organized '38
Brainerd once had Hay Market

Pillsbury State Forest Was First in Minnesota
No Need Necessary in Early Stocking
Fire of 1895 Set Stage for Forestry Many Changes Made Over Years
Walleye Eggs Collected After 1916 Experience Teaches Fish Biologists
How Some Lakes Received Names

WWI Barracks Organized To Assist Vets

County Fair Began in 1897

Majority of material reproduced from the Centennial Edition of the Brainerd Daily Dispatch (1871-1971).

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